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Resin Driveway in Leeds

Resin pathways are becoming massively popular among homeowners due to their numerous benefits, including their long-lasting nature, attractive appearance, and multiple customisation options. Contrary to gravel, resin-bound driveways don’t have any loose stones, resulting in a seamless surface without joints.

A1 Driveways is the leading company providing excellent services for resin driveways in Leeds. Ensuring maintenance-free, non-fading, anti-slip, and permeable driveway surfaces, we offer a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes of aggregates to create a striking surface.

Benefits Our Resin Driveways Bring

  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Concrete resin driveway options improve your property’s overall curb appeal by adding a contemporary and stylish look.
  • Durable: When properly fitted, they are impervious to fading, weed growth, and cracking, staying intact for years.
Resin Driveway Leeds
Resin Driveway in Leeds
  • Permeability: You won’t experience water ponding or drainage problems on the surface of your resin-bound driveway as long as it is installed on a porous surface.
  • Low Maintenance: Resin driveways can be power-washed to maintain their best appearance and require little maintenance.
  • Non-Slip: Excellent skid resistance provided by resin-bound paving lowers the possibility of trips and falls.
  • An Array of Colours: A bespoke resin driveway can be precisely suited to the aesthetics of your home, thanks to the variety of colours available.

Resin Driveways Cost

Generally, a resin driveway costs you around £110 per m2, but it may vary depending on the following factors:

  • The shape and size of the driveway: The price will be higher for the more complex and larger driveway.
  • Labour Cost: The labour cost varies depending on the location.
  • Type of Resin: Resin is available in different types, each with a different price.

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Our Resin Bound Driveway Installation

  • Prepare a Strong Sub-base: Our experts will prepare a strong, suitable sub-base, at least 150mm deep, with MOT type 1 stone and then will install tarmac or concrete over it for permeability.
  • Resin Mixing with Other Ingredients: In this step, we will combine sand, resin, and aggregates and mix them thoroughly in a forced action mixer for 1-2 minutes.
  • Transfer the Mixture to the Driveway Area: We will transfer the resin mix to a wheelbarrow and distribute it evenly on the driveway. Our driveway specialists will scrap off and take out all the mix from the mixer and spread it thoroughly over the area quickly before it dries.
  • Trowelling: Before trowelling, we will clean the trowel with white spirit and then compact the stones to ensure a level resin surface. We will keep trowelling until the mix stops flowing. Lastly, we will polish and smooth the surface.

Create Quality Driveway Surfaces with Us

Uplift the aesthetics of your home and make it more valuable with our resin driveway construction. We mix up UV-resistant resin with your chosen aggregate and then skillfully apply it on the driveway surface, creating a seamless finish.

Get in touch with our experts to discuss all your requirements for your resin driveway in Leeds.

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When installed properly using the highest quality materials and regularly maintained, resin driveways can last up to 25 years or more.

Resin driveways have anti-slip qualities by nature. Compared to brick, gravel or asphalt, they provide far more traction, making it hard to slip even during periods of intense rains in winter.

Pressure washing a resin driveway is a viable option for eliminating embedded grime or stubborn stains.

No, resin driveways shouldn’t ever experience cracks if they are installed correctly. When cracks occur, it is typically the consequence of a poor base installation.