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Gravel driveways are highly popular for residential and commercial premises due to their attractive look, cost-effectiveness, and permeability, so there are no issues concerning water buildup. With proper maintenance, they last for years.

It’s crucial to have high-quality gravel grid supplies and skilled contractors for a successful installation. And when it comes to gravel driveways in West Yorkshire, A1 Driveways provides the best gravel driveways in West Yorkshire and surrounding areas covering all your needs.


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What Is Our Procedure for Gravel Driveway Installation?

When it comes to the procedure of installing our gravel driveways, we follow a careful process. Our skilled contractors ensure a smooth and durable installation, from the ground preparation to laying the high-quality gravel.

  • Clearing the area of any greenery or debris.
  • Then, levelling the ground for a smooth, even surface.
  • Excavating the area to the desired depth, depending on the specific requirements.
  • Ensuring a solid foundation for your gravel driveway.
  • Installing the gravel grid, covering the driveway area, and leaving it for some hours to dry properly.

Our team can guide you in choosing the best gravel option based on your driveway requirements.

Benefits of a Well-Installed Gravel Driveway?

Affordability: We offer competitive prices for gravel grids and installation services.
Quick Installation: Our experts install gravel driveways quickly and carefully because they respect your time and money.
Low Maintenance: We charge you very little to maintain your gravel roads, guaranteeing that your gravel driveways will endure for many years with our upkeep.
Permeability: We offer top-notch gravel driveways, particularly in regions where water is a significant problem. Water will not pool or flood your home due to its effective drainage system, quickly passing through the spaces between the stones.
Security alerts: A slight crunching sound is coming from our gravel driveways. It’s nice to alert you when your guests have arrived, but it’s also a good alert of any uninvited guests.

Why Choose A1 Driveways?

  • Safety is our top priority. We wear appropriate protective equipment to be safe from injuries. Additionally, we use the necessary tools and techniques to provide safety to your property.
  • Our company offer market-competitive, budget-friendly packages for gravel grid supplies and other services.
  • We are certified and professional contractors providing high-quality driveways and low-cost maintenance services to ensure your driveways last many years.

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We know the importance of your driveway as part of your property and that it’s a significant investment, delivering the finest results in the region.

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There are no channel drains needed for gravel driveways. A land drain or a twin-wall is laid under the gravel, and water is directed to a suitable outlet.

In the UK, gravel driveways range from £60 to £100 per square metre. But it varies with the size of your driveways. If the areas increase, the per square metre of gravel driveway cost decreases.

It’s possible to last 50 to 100 years, but it all depends on the driveway’s material and how it’s installed. It’s also easy to maintain the appearance, and when it loses its shine, a minor repair or refill of the damaged area will let it gain new features again.

The different types of gravel for driveways include:

  • Crushed stone
  • Pea gravel
  • Marble chips
  • 20mm shingle
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