Block Paving in West Yorkshire

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Block paving is an ideal option whether you want to add a durable driveway or a stylish patio. Available in a wide range of colours and designs, block paving is suitable for all homes and commercial buildings. It offers water resistance, durability, versatility, and a patterned finish.

Contact A1 Driveways to hire prompt and efficient installation services for block paving in West Yorkshire. Being knowledgeable and experienced contractors, we understand the importance of a perfect outdoor surface for any property and provide paving services tailored to your requirements. From selecting designs and colours to installing blocks, we have specialists to assist you throughout the installation process. 

Our Versatile Block Paving Services

We are a limited company with a track of happy customers, providing unparalled block paving installation services for over a decade. You can get our versatile services for:

  • Driveways
  • Car Parks
  • Pathways/Walkways
  • Patios

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block paving
block paving

Choose the Perfect Block Paving

At A1 Driveways, you can choose the perfect block paving for your home or commercial place as we provide numerous types of block paving in a wide range of:
Materials: You can choose clay, stone, cement, or a combination for your outdoor space.
Colours: Blocks are available in different colours, such as red, black, grey, yellow, blue, etc.
Shapes: We provide block pavers in various shapes, such as square, hexagonal, rectangular or other interlocking shapes.
Styles and Appearance: You can choose a contemporary or traditional block paving design based on your requirements.

Block Paving Installation with A1 Driveways

Our company supplies almost all types of block pavers and provides installation services at affordable costs. Our installation process for block paving in West Yorkshire includes:

Site Inspection

Our experts inspect your site and assist in choosing the suitable design and material for blocks. Then, they provide a detailed estimation of the project for your approval. 

Site Preparation

Once you approve the estimation, the installation will be started at the scheduled time. It begins with ground preparation, which includes:

  • Cleaning the area.
  • Excavating the soil (around 150mm-200mm deep).
  • Adding edge restraints or cementing the edged blocks.


The soil is compacted using a compacter to reduce pore space, ensuring high density. It also involves levelling the site (if needed).

Laying Sub-base

Now, a sub-base is added to strengthen the block paving driveway, car park, or patio. It is usually a mixture of limestone aggregates and other stones that bear the weight of people and vehicles as a sub-base.

Adding a Sand Layer

After laying the sub-base, we lay a layer of sand to make the sites smooth and ready for the blocks. The sand is compacted and levelled as well.

Laying Block Pavers

Block pavers are laid over the sand layer. They are interconnected with each other, ensuring minimum space is left along the edges. Our workers install them appropriately to give the finish you want.

Sweeping Sand

The last step is sweeping kiln-dried sand to fill the slight gaps between blocks and along the edges. This process is followed by compaction and repetition, ensuring all the gaps are filled.

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The block paving is installed on a very compact and robust sub-base, and blocks are also highly durable. So, block paving can last for a lifetime if maintained properly.

Regular use and weather conditions lead to gaps between blocks. Therefore, you should reseal your block paving driveway after 2 to 3 years to fill these gaps.

No, it’s not. You only need to wash your driveway or patio with a suitable detergent occasionally. Apart from that, keep an eye on weed growth and eliminate them immediately.

It’s not complex; you only need to remove the damaged blocks and install new ones in their place.

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