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Driveways are among the prime features that everybody’s eyes land on as they enter your premises. With innovation in technology, plenty of driveway options have emerged. Block paving driveway is one of the most efficient choices due to its wide range of bespoke colours, designs and styles. At A1 Driveways, we provide experienced, cost-efficient services for installing and maintaining block paving patios and driveways. Working in the industry for over a decade, we can effectively perform the flawless finish for your block paving driveways, helping significantly increase your house’s selling value.

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block paving
block paving

What to Consider Before Installing Block Paving ?

Before starting the installation of block paving in your driveway or patio, everything needs to be planned to get the best out of it. Below are some crucial factors that our specialists consider before installing.

  • A plan for the drainage system. Constructing your drainage line at least 5 metres away from your walls and building is advised.
  • Selecting the pattern for gas and water pipes, like the drainage system. Identifying the structure can help in the excavating process.
  • Choosing the block paving type carefully. We offer blocks made from various materials such as clay, concrete, and stone.
  • Picking the right design for your blocks. Our company offers several designs, including S-block, W-block, hexagonal, square, and rectangular.
  • Deciding on the additional features you will install, such as a boundary wall made of bricks, fence, or some plants or pots around the driveway or patio.
  • Settling on the use of membrane under the sub-base. It can be for avoiding the merging of added materials with subsoil or stopping weeds from growing on your driveway.

What are the steps involved in placing block paving driveway or patio?

Installing block paving patio or driveway requires experts to perform the job effectively. After agreeing on the design, it is time to start placing the blocks. Our contractors follow the step-by-step procedure below to deliver a flawless driveway.

Step 1: The first step is digging into a selected area where blocks will be installed. The depth can vary depending on the land structure, but the average depth should be at least 150mm.

Step 2: We put the edge blocks in the right place. They play an essential part in your driveway’s final picture and must be placed before starting the block installation.

Step 3: We apply a sub-base to provide support for your driveway. It should be placed at least at a depth of 100mm and pressed through a compactor at least six to seven times.

Step 4: We then add grit or river sand to cover the distance from the sub-base to the final block paving line. The sharp sand should be moulded in a way that it includes all the slopes and angles.

Step 5: The blocks are then laid, starting from the bottom of the slope or the straight edge, following the selected design. The blocks must be 10 to 15mm above the level, ready for compression.

Step 6: The finishing step is spreading jointing sand over the paved blocks with a floor brush. This step must be performed twice to thrice in parallel with compressing.

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A1 Driveways is the premier driveway and landscaping contractor, delivering expert block paving services in Bradford. We ensure a flawless job via specialists who aim to enrich your space with superior block paving solutions. 

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The block paving will last for a lifetime if properly laid. Another good thing is that you can repair the damage quickly by replacing only the tampered blocks rather than changing the whole driveway or patio.

The chances of weeds growing in the block paving driveway are lower than in other variants. But still, rock salt and vinegar are the most effective weed killers. You can also use commercial weed-killing membranes in your sub-base to prevent weeds from growing.

The average time for block paving driveway to be ready for walking is around 2 to 3 hours, but driving a car on it requires at least 48 hours.

Planning permission will not be required if your block paving incorporates a permeable surfacing that allows water drainage or if the design has an integrated drainage system.

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