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Block paving is one of the most popular choices for driveways; it enhances the surface quality, making them more practical and robust. Available in different colours, shades, shapes, and sizes, block paving provides diverse choices you can pick from for your property based on its overall design and colour scheme. It is suitable for installation in domestic and commercial properties to improve the overall appearance with a flawless finish. It makes the properties’ surfaces hard-wearing and slip-resistant with low maintenance requirements, adding a decorative touch. It creates a consistent look throughout the surfaces with beautiful edgings. A1 Driveways provides efficient installation services for block paving in Leeds. Our team of specialists significantly enhances your property’s value through a block paved driveway, utilising our premium-quality supplies. This way, we add to the property’s character and curb appeal with a unique design touch and seamless surfaces.

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block paving
block paving

Block Paving Material Options

Block paving is usually formed of clay, concrete, or stone, and each has its benefits:
Clay: We make your property’s exterior surfaces tougher by installing clay block paving, which is hard to cut and is more permeable, providing better drainage.
Cement: We make the driveway surfaces spill- and stain-resistant with cement block paving installation, maintaining the fresh visual appearance of surfaces.
Stone: We install reconstituted stone block paving made of granite or sandstone quartz. It is made by crushing natural stones and bounding them together with resin to form blocks that make the surface appearance uniform and even.

We Install Block Paving in Different Shapes

We have a vast collection of different colours and shapes, allowing you to pick blocks in more than one colour and shape to make a unique design outside your property. Moreover, we enhance your property’s visual appearance by installing bold-coloured block paving on the edges and borders and light-coloured block paving in the central area.


We install block paving in versatile colours, including:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Red
  • Yellow


Based on your personal choice and preferences, we install block paving in different shapes, such as:

  • Square
  • S-Blocks
  • W-Blocks
  • Hexagonal
  • Rectangular

We Provide Block Paving Maintenance

To ensure proper maintenance of surfaces outside your property, we add some extra jointing sand after the first few weeks of installation and settlement of the block paving driveway. We leave your property after cleaning the exterior surfaces. As a preventive action, we apply weed killer after cleaning the block paving surface to reduce the chances of weed growth.

We use pressure washing to remove the ingrained dirt from blocks and decrease the detrimental impacts of dust between jointing blocks. To ensure minimum jointing damage, we use a pressure washer on a medium setting angled at less than 30°.

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As the leading contractors, our company provides bespoke services tailored to our customers’ unique requirements. We use and install high-quality materials that enhance laid surfaces’ longevity, standing the test of time.

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Painting a block paving surface is not a good idea as it requires you to apply numerous heavy paint coats, providing a short-term solution. However, this solution proves counter-productive in the long run when paint starts to flake away, requiring you to re-paint the surface, which will not look great and incur more costs. Therefore, the replacement of block paving in case of damage is always recommended.

No, block paving requires a flat sub-base formation with a final layer of sand for easy and efficient installation, which lasts longer and gives a fresh appearance.

Block paving helps make the patio surfaces stronger and long lasting with minimum maintenance requirements, making it a suitable choice for patio installation.

The block paving surfaces involve the installation of individual blocks, which can be easily lifted for repair or replacement in case of any damage, such as breakage or displacement. It eliminates the requirement of relaying the whole driveway.

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